The Naming of the Various Areas of the Searanch

Drum roll please….  the winners of the GISR garden and field naming contest are:

A (the garden) = The Seed Ranch
B (the field behind the machine shed) = Chester Field
C (the field that’s the furthest away) = The Back 40
D (the last field you pass through on the way to the back 40) = The Midlands
E (the field where the sheep sometimes live behind the farm) = Salt Lick Meadow
F (the other main field the sheep live in) = Upside Downs
G (the closest field to the dock) = Thistle Downs

There is also a map attached in case my brilliant descriptions don’t help identify which field is which.

Thank you to everyone who contributed names. There were a number of great names put forward!! And thanks to everyone who voted!!